Scale Without Increasing Your Headcount

Even if your destination along the Design-to-Consumption lifecycle involves crossing organizational boundaries, Q2E’s Smart Guided Journeys can orchestrate the processes necessary to organize your work and also allow you to scale without increasing your head count.

Q2E is designed for the way work really gets done: by individuals. Digitized tasks are delivered internally and externally to individuals across the ecosystem, based on their role and responsibilities. Better yet, these individuals work in an interface they already know: email! Everything they need to finish their task is delivered directly, with no new interfaces to learn.

Standardize & Automate

Digitize, standardize, orchestrate and automate processes.

Guided Journey

Adaptive guided journeys with turn-by-turn directions to get you to your destination as efficiently as possible.

E2E Visiblity

End-to-end visibility increases accountability and yields actionable intelligence. Obtain both process and transactional metrics to gain new insights.

Persona Based

Persona- or role-based information and tasks. The work comes to the right individual at just the right time.

Self Optimizing

The workflow adapts and self-optimizes based on pre-configured rules.

Designed For The Way Work Really Gets Done

Communicate via email & text

No new interfaces to learn, just email and text. No need to hunt for tools or data.


Connectivity to applications you already use: SFDC, Jira, Agile Central, Zendesk, Pardot, Box and many more.


Embedded gamification to help manage new process adoption and reward correct behavior at the individual and team levels.

Regulatory Compliance (No Border)

Implement and ensure compliance through digitization and orchestration of best practices.

Selective Broadcast

Selective broadcast permits time- and event-based communications automation to increase team, partner and customer engagement.

Q2E’s SAAS platform digitizes your best practices and orchestrates all workflows relating to your Design-to-Consumption lifecycle across both internal teams and partners. It provides real-time, role-based actionable intelligence at an operational and transactional level.

Companies are often highly focused on strategizing and conceiving new products. In doing this, the complex processes of building routes to market and assuring success with customers are left to a huge array of team members, partners and vendors. The spreadsheets, emails and phone calls of this uncertain, slowly paced stage often yield inconsistent execution, poor visibility, and poor accountability.

This, in turn, often leads to:

  • Longer time to time to market
  • Lack of productivity
  • Lack of accountability
  • Increased costs
  • Delayed revenue

Q2E’s Smart Guided Journeys help companies: