The Problem

The first 60 days after a sale is the most critical time in determining if that customer will use and renew your solution. This is true whether that customer is a direct customer or working with a partner. Setting the customer, and potentially the partner, up for success is an investment that will pay dividends throughout the lifetime of this relationship. Many companies put more effort into developing prospects and signing up new customers than they do on ensuring that they are successful with their whole customer base. Because the cost of customer acquisition greatly exceeds the cost of growing an existing customer, the ROI to ensure customer success is crucial.

Lack of best practice execution can lead to:

  • Decreased product adoption or inability to move beyond the initial sale or POC
  • Loss of customer feedback or requirements
  • Inconsistent customer onboarding
  • Slow customer migration to new versions of a product
  • Loss or delay of customer renewals

The Solution

Q2E orchestrates all the customer onboarding and renewal tasks while also automating your communication strategy. Tasks are delivered to specific individuals across your ecosystem, based on their unique responsibilities. This process provides end-to-end visibility over the entire process.

  • Digitize the orchestration of work across both the entire enterprise and the partner ecosystem.
  • Real-time visibility provides actionable intelligence and increased accountability.
  • Event-based, automated execution of your communication plan ensures consistent communication for the entire process.
  • No new interfaces to learn, only email and text.
  • Focused implementation of renewal processes with Q2E's gamification (leaderboards) and personalized interaction modes.

The Benefits

  • Reduced onboarding costs and more consistent execution with Q2E's process visibility and performance metrics.
  • Visibility across all major customer initiatives, making it possible to compare and understand what’s working and what’s not.
  • Synchronize activities between partners and vendors to ensure a seamless customer experience.