The Problem

Building, onboarding and enabling the routes to market to get your solutions to customers involves complex processes across a wide ecosystem of team members, partners and channels.

A lack of visibility and actionable data, as well as a difficulty in managing performance throughout this ecosystem, can lead to uncertain ROI and a loss of partner engagement, delaying revenue and increasing costs.

The Solution

Q2E orchestrates all the partner program tasks, delivered to specific individuals based on their responsibilities, across the entire ecosystem. The individuals work in an interface they already know—email—instead of being forced to log into yet another portal or learn yet another new application.

  • Digitize the orchestration of work across the ecosystem.
  • Provide real-time visibility.
  • Ensure precise action, transparent accountability, and predictable ROI across hundreds or even thousands of participants.
  • Automated event-based execution of your communication plan, ensuring consistency across the entire process.
  • No new interface to learn, only email and text.

The Benefits

  • Balanced scorecards across all major initiatives, making it possible to compare and understand what’s working.
  • Single source of truth with visibility across many levels, enabling new and compelling ROI calculations.
  • Enhanced partner experience simplifies certification, on-boarding, and new product launches while increasing partner engagement and retention.
  • Two-way visibility and data to your ecosystem, including distribution, resellers, field teams and program teams.
  • Combined operational and transactional data visibility, which results in increased executive, operational and ROI data insights.