The Problem

Companies are often so focused on strategizing and conceiving new products that everything else needed to get them to market and prepare for launch is left to a series of manual processes implemented across multiple organizations and potentially thousands of people.

The slow pace and uncertain execution of these processes—implemented with spreadsheets, emails and phone calls-yields inconsistent execution, poor visibility and poor accountability.

The Solution

Standardize the processes and automate the work, while optimizing the use of people and apps to move from product design through product launch. You can measure and report both progress and ROI across functions to give you ultimate accountability.

  • Orchestrate best practice design-through—launch workflows with ease.
  • End-to-end visibility to yield actionable intelligence.
  • An overlap application making the tools you already use perform better. Bringing the right processes to the right people across disparate organizations, systems and tools.
  • No new interfaces to learn-users interact with their preferred interface, email, text or portal.
  • Interact with, track and enable vendors, partners and consultants as easily as your own team members.

The Benefits

  • Top line improvements—revenue, CSAT, PSAT, Loyalty, with Q2E's best practice templates, reference materials, how-to guides and reports.
  • Rapid adoption of new best practice planning through launch processes with Q2E's gamification (leaderboards) and personalized interaction modes.
  • Reduce waste and implementation costs with Q2E's end-to-end process visibility and plan-to-actual performance metrics.
  • Implement and assure meeting compliance standards through digitization and orchestration of best practices.