What Matters

Measure what matters with a real-time strategy dashboard from investment to impact. You will quickly know when something is stalling or when you need to change your investments across the partner ecosystem.

Q2E can help you:

  • Maximize the ROI of your Marketing Development Funds (MDF) or other big bet Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Correlate key sales motions to measurable topline results
  • Get “single source of the truth” visibility enabling new and compelling ROI calculations
  • Gain transparency to real-time status and business impact
    • Open visibility to MDF spend down to the VAR, and with report back, the customer level, offering real-time with data available to VAR, Vendor and OEM.
    • Provide two-way visibility and data to your eco-system including Distribution, resellers, field teams, program teams
    • Show Executive and Operational ROI Data potential with a unified view across many levels including the vendor, distribution, the reseller and the customer
  • Measure what matters and report to leaders, real-time – eliminates hours or even days of status  report preparation.
  • Get real-time information that can help you accelerate your partners’ performance with answers  to specific questions.
  • Show your company the true ROI of investing in partners with a closed loop sales capability built on systems & programs you already use today.