The Quest for Corporate Agility



The term “agile” dominates business nomenclature today. Agile software development, agile infrastructure, agile project management, and the list goes on. And for good reason. Our business environment today is in need of great agility as the rate of change increases.

Even the most fortified ecosystems are at risk. Uber is unseating the taxi systems of every major city. Airbnb is threatening the hotel industry. And Zapppos is using customer service to disrupt the shoe business. Without agility, many enterprises will be unable to meet aggressive, disintermediating new competitors.

So, what do I mean by corporate agility? Corporate agility is the ability for a firm to change its position efficiently, and requires the integration across functions using the combination of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength, and endurance. To achieve corporate agility, we need to have all our functions aligned on execution, and eliminate costly, duplicative work.

Let me give one example based on getting an offering to market. Being agile means your product development begins with active listening to both current and potential customers. Agile SW development allows you to iterate as you go to create the best offering and get quickly to market. Now it is time to get your offering to market. Lean ROP’s and Forward Supply Chain integration allow you to have supply chain excellence. To monitor the performance across functions, use an agile scorecard with shared metrics. Your offering will not succeed unless the entire GTM ecosystem sees the business benefit. Look at the adjacent income statements for insight. Measure the success of the offering not only in revenue and profits but also in customer satisfaction.

I am sure many of you have been involved in excellent business planning processes only to see them fall down on execution. So, how can you take all these agile concepts and make sure they are implemented, measured, and functions are held accountable? You need a system that allows your business plan to come to life.

Not long ago, I joined as a Board Advisor for Quest 2 Excel, Inc. They have a platform that combines the best of workflow management, collaboration, and project accountability that makes a business plan come to life. And it is built on systems you already use today. Q2E enables you to insure everyone is aligned, accountable and executing.

I wish you luck on your journey toward your Agile Company and please check out the Q2E demo to see how you can make your business plan come to life.

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