Quest 2 Excel adds Sales and Channel Executive Dave O'Callaghan to its Board of Advisors

Last week, I announced that Channel Executive Ted Cole joined Q2E’s Board of Advisors. This week, I am pleased to announce that Sales and Channel Executive Dave O’Callaghan is joining Q2E’s Board of Advisors.


Dave brings to us 30 years of industry sales and channel experience including leading the Distribution business for Cisco Systems as VP Worldwide Distribution and most recently as VMware SVP of Global Partner Organization. Dave leverages academically validated models and thirty years of industry experience and relationships to build success.


Dave recently left the trappings of High Tech to give back. He is using his knowledge as a practitioner to teach the next generation of business professionals. He splits his time between teaching at the University of Denver and consulting. Dave is the Managing Partner of O'Callaghan Capital, LLC , a High Tech consulting firm specializing in go to market strategy across manufacturing, distribution and value-added resellers.

Dave brings the unique perspective of how (Go to Market strategy drives superior customer experience and sales and how the world is changing with Software and SaaS business models that must leverage current go-to-market models. Our advisory board is deeply involved in the go-to-market strategy of our cloud-based partner insight and engagement application, adding value and driving long-term success.

One right of passage upon joining the Q2E team is creating an image of each member that embodies their personality. In honor of Dave joining the team, this is what we created for him:

Dave is an expert in go-to-market strategies who invented Lean Forward, a joint supply chain strategy between manufacturers and distribution. With decades of experience serving in executive roles at Cisco and VMWare, Dave now shares his collected wisdom with students as a professor and with other high tech leaders through consulting.