Partner Leaders – DevOps Has One Word for You:  “Orchestration”



Look out for the word “Orchestration.”  It dominated innovations in the DevOps world a few years ago, for good reason.  Automation wasn’t good enough. Very complex tasks had to be organized and sequenced across hybrid clouds and virtual environments, often in real-time. It became too complex for humans to manage.


Orchestration was the solution.  Pre-determined tasks were designed into templates including complex if-then conditions.  IT Operations now had a scalable solution to manage their insanely complex environments, and keep them secure. 


We have reached this point with partner ecosystems. Ecosystems have no organizational boundaries.  This presents an unprecedented level of complexity to sequence the flow of work and eliminate silos.   


It is ridiculous that legions of people managing partner programs –  armed with spreadsheets, IM’s, meetings, point-to-point email, and web conferences – are held accountable to drive execution across 1,000’s of people in 100’s of companies.  It is unstructured, unorganized, and impossible to rely on for driving an ecosystem solution to market. There is no shared, single system of truth. 


We have reached the point in partner ecosystems where orchestrating this work successfully is beyond the capability of humans.


For partner alliance and channel leaders, it is time to look for a solution that scales.  DevOps provides a model to emulate.  We need to employ a platform that sits above the transactional partner systems, organizational silos and company boundaries.  We need a solution that is designed to orchestrate the complex flow of work across 100,000’s of interactions.  Just like the DevOps world, we need an orchestration solution to make the automation investments effective.


For partner alliance and channels leaders, it is time to look for a digital partner ecosystem orchestrator. 




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