Building effective teams to transform your business

There is no room for whiners, complainers, or slackers on a transformational team!

Effective team

We all know them, that certain "type" who seems to pop up in every company, on every team, in every organization, on every board. While stereotyping or labeling employees isn't always beneficial, knowing what category a potential business transformation team member might fall into does have it's benefits. 

From my experience there are four kinds of people in any company:

  1. Those who are complacent
  2. Those who have an irrational or "false" sense of urgency
  3. Those who have a true sense of urgency
  4. Those who are completely unaware

It's important to know which people to avoid when creating a transformational team.

1. Those who are complacent
These people who are content with the status quo and absolutely do not see opportunities in crisis. In other words, they are not front runners and likely never will be. Complacency may seem like it's a benefit when things are going well, but as we all know things won't always go well. In that sense, complacency is like "interior rot", not allowing employees, teams, and entire departments to grow stale and tired

2. Those who have an irrational or "false" sense of urgency
This is perhaps the biggest population in a corporation. These people think they have a solution to the problem without even understanding the problem all that well in the first place. They spend endless hours in meetings running around like chickens with their heads cut off. While this type of flurry of activity may seem productive, make no mistake: these are activities without a clear purpose. Such activities are driven by pressure from management that creates anxiety and anger. This is more distracting than useful. People mistake running around for a real sense of urgency (see below).

3. Those who have a true sense of urgency
These individuals look for opportunities in crisis. They come to work every day ready to cooperate energetically and they take pride in launching innovative initiatives. They do not believe in moving at 40 MPH if 65 MPH is required to win. 

4. Those who are completely unaware
These people are completely unaware of the situation the company is facing and hence maintain the status quo out of fear or ignorance. Though this is a smaller crowd than the other three categories, you would be surprised to know that such people exist. 


Effective teams require people who have a true sense of urgency leading the team. 

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