With our SAAS platform, we create Smart Guided Journeys that orchestrate and automate workflow processes across the Design-to-Consumption lifecycle.


What are Smart Guided Journeys?

  • A custom-tailored itinerary based on your role, your desired outcomes and where you are in your business progress. Each step includes a detailed description, curated content, expert assistance and more.
  • Each role or persona gets its own unique journey – Sales, Marketing, Systems Engineer, Architect or Partner Manager, among others.
  • Adaptive, bot-like logic to get you where you need to go, avoiding unnecessary stops and detours, similar to GPS directions on a map.
  • Actionable intelligence at every step, so that you can know what’s working and what’s not.
  • At every step, get timely and necessary content to help you complete your task.
  • New insights through end-to-end visibility, including both process and transactional metrics.
Guided Journey

Smart Guided Journeys guide you to your outcome as efficiently as possible. Each journey dynamically adapts as decisions are made, following pre-defined conditions.

Communicate via email & text

No new interfaces to learn. No new tools to log into. Use email and texts to complete the tasks and/or navigate through your workflow.

Persona Based

Persona-based process orchestration that crosses roles, with only the information an individual needs to complete their tasks.

E2E Visiblity

End-to-end visibility yielding actionable intelligence. Obtain both process and transactional metrics yielding new insights.

Whatever you are trying to accomplish along the Design-to-Consumption lifecycle, the Q2E enablement platform digitizes and orchestrates all of the tasks for specific individuals, across or beyond a given business.

Q2E’s Smart Guided Journeys help companies:

Q2E’s Packaged Solutions

Vendor Incentive Management For Resellers

Are you a Solution Reseller?

Our Vendor Incentive Management solution will give you visibility into all vendor programs so you can optimize funds, track profitability and manage execution. Stop leaving money on the table

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Customer Onboarding

Are you a B2B solution provider?

Our Customer Onboarding solution will help you get customers up and running in 90 days or less through a digital high touch experience and smart guided journeys.

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The Buzz on Q2E

Tony Bouvia,

Partner System Engineering Lead at Cisco Systems

My favorite Q2E feature is having real-time visibility into the workflow process. I would define it as active visual clarity into every partner certification status.

Afsaneh Laidlaw,

VP of Engineering, Cisco

Q2E solution revolutionizes the concept of training, leveraging social networking, workflow integration, industry knowledge integration, and human psychology.

Ed Musselwhite,

CEO, Mandel Communication

I am impressed with how it moves the world of work effectiveness forward, not by just adapting things like social media and games to business, but by rethinking and enabling what the world of work could be.

Vimal Solanki,

SVP Strategy, McAfee

Q2E approach in my opinion is a game changer for how organizations execute on their vision. In my view, the best business ideas die in the execution, and Q2E vastly reduces the risk of failure.

Robert Cleave,

President & Chairman, Commercial Launch Services, Lockheed

Q2E takes any idea, strategy or initiative and leverages the tactics and techniques found in game development to increase the velocity of adoption.

Companies Benefiting From Q2E