Your partners

Engage your partners through smart and dynamic workflows that automate the execution of programs, product launches, and joint plans. Communications to the ecosystem are relevant, actionable, and include just in time learning and task completion help.

Q2E can help you:

  • Provide real-time training to channel partners on the latest product or service
  • Help evaluate each partner’s mastery of your products and services in real-time
  • Reduce time spent on emails and meetings by 30-50%
  • Collaborate with partners easily. No need to learn new software as Q2E is integrated with SalesForce.com. (We are a SalesForce App. Exchange approved application)
  • Quickly share best practices across partners
  • Provide two-way visibility and data to your eco-system including Distribution, resellers, field teams, program teams
  • Get “single source of truth” derived from the orchestration of back-end operational systems data visible at the project, deliverable or task level for Vendor, Distributor, reseller or customer
  • Promote engagement through embedded just-in-time learning as well as rewarding and recognizing top performers. Q2E’s approach encourages accountability.